It Starts With A Dream,
rel. November 2004.

This album is filled with MALLKU’s newest compositions. Ten original songs range from traditional Latin rhythms, to contemporary and jazzy sounds. The group's modern interpretation using traditional instruments has developed into a tasteful and well-varied album.

A Simple Wish,
rel. July 2002.

A tribute to the 9/11/01 victims and their families, this collection has ten original compositions by the group. New ideas, classical sounds, and danceable rhythms will have you enjoy and appreciate MALLKU’s innovative style. A style that will be identified with the group for years to come.

On the Other Side of the Sun,
rel. December 2000.

Featuring six original compositions, three traditional songs from South America and an instrumental version of the love theme from Titanic. The album shows an ambition towards new and progressive melodies that blend native wood flutes with modern instruments.

Mirror of the Andes,
rel. November 1998.

This album offers MALLKU’s interpretation of traditional music from the Andes. It is filled with tunes that mirror the festive mood of the region as well as the deeply spiritual and rich culture. Songs include, The Condor Passes and a haunting instrumental version of Amazing Grace.